CROWD, THE: “No Other” b/w “Straight Down” and Landmark : 7” and CDEP

Sep 05, 2012

My appreciation for The Crowd runs deep. From the

Beach Blvd.comp to A World Apart in 1981 through Big Fish Stories, Letter Bomb, and the quiver of Hostage singles in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, to …Goes Wild! they continue to have a great, prolific run. The Modern Machines named their band after one of The Crowd’s songs. It’s a well-substantiated rumor that their frontman Jim Decker danced the first HB strut, which quickly morphed into slam dancing. The Crowd were the first day glo punks, merging the HB-tough surf crowd of TSOL to the we’re-not-so-serious-but-we’re-not-a-joke musicianship of the Dickies. They live in OrangeCounty. Not “The OC.” So, if this is your first exposure to the band, I have a caveat. Remember the first time you heard the Dead Kennedys or Cypress Hill? It almost sounds like a cartoon character fronting the band, right? But it’s just someone with a unique voice giving it their all.  The 7” is a deluxe Record Store Day boondoggle: colored vinyl, Japanese-style wraparound insert, credit-card-looking download code, and the first record I can remember having the printing run printed on the record’s label itself. The CDEP is a six-song slimcase affair that the band put out on their own imprint, Crowd Control. Both are well worth your time.


 –todd (Hostage, / Crowd Control)

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