CROWD, THE: Goes Wild: CDR

Sep 09, 2009

Man, what titillating sonic excitement The Crowd create! This is poppy surfpunk fury at its most pleasurable, pristine, and explosive... all-at-once harmonious, harried, and aesthetically full of unquenchable thirst for life! This dandy delight of a disc holds all of the necessary audial ingredients to make it a surefire punkrock classic: a heapin’ helping of snotty tit-twistin’ vocals; a spirited dash of robust backing choral chants; heavenly sugar-sweet swirls of perfectly timed harmonies; thick chunky slabs of rhythm guitar gutsiness; an ingratiating abundance of lead guitar strafings soarin’ straight through the stratosphere; and a concoctive mixture of rumbling bass expulsions and precise fever-pitched dead-between-the-eyes drumming. Indeed, it’s an ear-pleasing platter of well-executed musical magnificence, and I’m bedazzled beyond belief!

 –guest (None)

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