CROW: Bloody Tear: LP

Sep 05, 2006

I am not one of the fortunate to have any of Crow’s recorded works that were produced in Japan. But I do have some that I picked when I was fortunate to see them live on their west coast tour. They made me a new asshole after seeing them live. They were so good, I couldn’t close my mouth long enough to stop drooling. So having this record in hand is a real treat. There was no way in hell that this was going to suck. Something about Japanese bands that make them appealing to me is the professionalism. They seem to be well rehearsed to the point of playing to near perfection even though they can consume a lot of alcohol. I saw Crow, Paintbox, and Forward now over the last few years and they partied hard and played harder. I believe the proper term to describe this certain style of punk out of Japan is Burning Spirits. Mid tempo to fast with elements of rock and metal with the sheer force of punk. Yelled vocals over metallic riffs, power chords and with no fear of throwing in a guitar solo. An equal blend of punk and metal without being too much of either. Not a song on the whole thing I can say I do not like. Only distraction is having to get up when a side ends to flip the record over to hear more music. A band that has now been around for sometime and hopefully will grace us on these shores again.

 –don (Prank)

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