CROW BAIT: Sliding through the Halls of Fate: CD

I had to check my copy of Three Tickle Guysto make sure this was the same Crow Bait. Sliding…is like loving SorryMa Forgot to Take Out the Trash and the next album you buy is Don’t Tell a Soulwithout realizing there were four LPs and eight years between. But not caring. Because it’s genius. If your freshman year roommate had given you a dubbed tape of this album in pre-internet 1984, you would have thanked them for changing your life. It’s like the-first-time-you-heard-Murmur-good. Hasn’t left my car disc player since my review materials arrived. Hopefully that and dropping this many ‘80s rock analogies will clue you in that Sliding… is a shower, and a grower, unrestricted by genre, and will easily be a contender, if not the winner, for full-length of the year.

 –Matt Seward (Don Giovanni,