Jul 23, 2012

Either this album is really good, or I just live a pathetic existence since listening to this is one of my high points of the day. I listen to this just about every day lately. I like to think it’s because this album is really good. Great, in fact. It’s heavy and dark like Amebix, but then you have some of the death rock elements like Killing Joke in there as well. The songs have an equally strong melody and the ability to pummel. “Existence” is by far the standout track among a sterling set of songs. It’s the guitar that comes in between verses that sends it over. The dark mood coupled with the lyrics is perfect. They never really tip over into thrash. They keep it to a mainly mid-tempo pace, building and keeping the tension, releasing through crashing guitar riffs and thundering percussion. The vocals are gravelly, but intelligible, and the words are delivered with conviction. This will more than likely get lumped in with the anarcho/crust punk thing, but the truth is, while they have those traits, Cross Stitched Eyes are headed into more expansive realms. Seriously, one of the best albums of the year.

 –M.Avrg (Alternative Tentacles,

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