Nov 11, 2009

For all the thrash, grindcore, metal and such I see live, I honestly tend to really listen to more melodic punk more than anything when I’m alone. So, right off the bat when I pulled this out to listen for review, I remembered that I had something from this band. I checked my trusty music list and saw that I had copy of their LP Stella. That signified a good start, knowing I had liked them enough to keep one of their previous releases. I have a vague memory of what this band sounded like. I knew they were from the ‘90s during my melodicore phase. My memory was correct. Fast, melodic punk filled with hooks. I like that the recording is not overly produced and has a bright, live quality to it. The music reminds me of a mixture of the Beatnik Termites having a tea party with Snuff. Fun, energetic stuff!

 –don (Crackle)