CRITICAL MASS: Silver Screen: 7”

May 01, 2012

My father had a buddy who owned a record store and every now and then he’d bring home the odd obscurity from a band we’d never heard of, and often never heard of again. One such oddball record was It’s What’s inside that Counts, an album by a band called Critical Mass. At the time we had no clue as to who they were, but the “plucked from the trash can” cover art and the fact that the band look like a buncha schlubs led my old man to believe they were a “punk” band and thus we should think they were nifty. While the album was not particularly “punk” to a couple o’ kids ingesting heavy doses of Void and Black Flag, it did have some great tunes on it, including a scorcher called “London.” The record in question here is the debut single from that same band, released a few years earlier and has since become something of a collector’s item, with good reason. Steeped in buzzsaw guitars, Dollsy swagger, and Rottenesque vocals, the two tunes here are prime examples of the kind of stuff most Killed By Death snobs cream their jeans over and wantonly throw money around to procure. Glad to have a copy of my own, which I will summarily wear the grooves out of. This also inspired me to seek out another copy of the album, which I just bought dirt cheap.

 –jimmy (Last Laugh)

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