Jan 29, 2009

This was supposed to be a Crispus Attucks/Voorhees split but the Voorhees had to back out. De Nada who replaces them are a short-lived band from the DC outreachs that played around ‘97 to 2000. Crispus Attucks gives you four hardcore numbers to sink your teeth into. If you haven’t heard anything by them before, you need to. They are essentially, in my opinion, one of today’s bands that is keeping the hardcore flame alive. Vocals are throaty but screamed. The music brings you up and down with their mixture of fast and mid-tempo. De Nada, on the other hand, is grind/thrash/metal/noise. Distraught is the mood I feel here but they do have a sense of humor. Their side is all over the place. Cool old skateboard photos of Mark Gonzalez and Chris Miller on the cover.

 –don (Vendetta)