CRIS CORDERO: Why Can’t God Cure the Baby?: CD

Feb 15, 2007

First things first, Cris, I don’t know why God can’t cure the baby. Honestly, I don’t entirely know what the baby’s problem is. And while I hoped that some resolution would have been reached as your album unfolded, I still feel as though there’s a lot of explaining to be had on the part of God, you and the baby. That being said, the twelve songs on this album run a nice range from bluesy, crunchy rock a la the Black Keys to jarring indie pop reminiscent of Guided By Voices. The connection between the tunes isn’t awkward; it has a nice flow from song to song. And with help from musicians Joshua Jones and Randy Lyons, Cordero has really taken the DIY ethic to heart, recording and producing this all on his own without the help of a big label or even one of which I’m familiar. And just like his songwriting, the production is very solid and steady, which is a relief considering the all too common fate of DIY projects (“Hey, I’ve got ProTools, let’s put out an album!” Uh, no.) Being from Orange County, California, there is a healthy backbone of that punk pop/power pop sound filling the album but Cordero’s ability to fuse it all together with basic rock’n’ roll makes for a nice spin, especially considering how I was led to believe that the music would match the horrible album title. There’s lots to offer fans of all kinds of genres on this album who find they have a common love for good rock’n’ roll.

 –kurt (Remember Artists)