CRIPPLED PILGRIMS: Down Here: Collected Recordings (1983-1985): CD

Oct 18, 2006

The smart folks at Reaction Recordings have given us a great gift by putting this DC outfit’s music on CD for the first time. This features both their Fountain of Youth records on one disc. Quirky polished pop with winding guitar solos that seem to jet off into the stratosphere. Stand-out tracks on the Head Down Hand Out EP include “People Going Nowhere” and “Dissolving.” “Pretend Not to Care” and “Oblivious and Numb” from the Under Water full-length are also fantastic. Scott Wingo’s guitar offers many different shades and textures on each track while Jay Mogila’s mysterious vocals portray intriguing puzzles that can’t easily be deciphered. The songs are held together by the inventive bass riffs of Mitch Parker (ex-Government Issue) and Dan Joseph rumbles away on the big kit. If you liked bands like Dumptruck or Love Tractor, Crippled Pilgrims should blow you away with these undiscovered gems.

 –koepenick (Parasol)

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