These two French bands sound very different. C.O.F. play a mixture of early ‘80s California coastal hardcore and what U.K. ‘77 bands went through when they began to “harden” their sound. More specifically: UK Subs. Rudimentary hardcore punk played by knowledgeable dudes who have been at it for decades and know when to throw in some bells and whistles (feedback) and quick stops to keep it interesting. Unlogistic: What the? Transitioning between straight-up screamed male/female vocals, blast beat hardcore to deconstructing fascist speeches with synth rhythms, and then building on top of both for some melodic ‘90s emotive punk, this band is pretty busy conceptualizing a sound of their own with these twelve inches. Unlogistic would fit very well on Geykido Comet’s Your Machinery Is Too Much For Me!!! compilation.

 –Daryl Gussin (Rejuvenation/Positively Negative/Emergence/Falling Down/Wee Wee/Small Budget)