CRIPPLED OLD FARTS: Free Drinks in Hell: LP

Sep 24, 2014

If you’re a fan of We Must Burn-era Poison Idea, and early ‘90s thick-necked hardcore in general (and are willing to overlook what may be one of the worst band names in recorded history) this might be worth checking out. I personally think it was a pretty dismal time for a lot of genres, hardcore included, and I found this record to be pretty uneventful. It suffered a lot from the deadly All The Songs Sound Exactly The Same Syndrome. Still, Crippled Old Farts are enthusiastic and committed and a lot of care was taken here: the recording’s solid, the packaging includes a separate, full-color booklet of photos and lyrics, and it’s been released on some of the heaviest gray vinyl I’ve ever seen. (And the guy who did the liner notes has such amazing handwriting that I totally thought it was a font at first. Good job, guy!) A split release between a bunch of French and German labels, so while Free Drinks in Hell was not remotely my bag, it was also clearly a labor of love for all involved. 

 –keith (Slow Death)

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