CRIMSON SWEET: Wired for the Last Move b/w Basement Star: 7” 45

Sep 19, 2007

I like, but do not love, this self-described “DIY arena rock band” from NYC, and i think the main reason for the lack of lovin’ is that the band has yet to write a single song that i can remember more than twenty or thirty minutes after hearing it. I mean, i’ve seen ‘em live, got both the albums and some of the singles, and the only thing i could tell you about their songs is that they’ve got an instrumental titled “Sad Walk at Knifepoint.” I have no idea what it sounds like any more, i just know i like the title. Case in point: I have already forgotten what the A-side sounds like; the B-side i still remember a little bit, because i remember the singer’s voice treading that ever-so-precious territory between Wendy Case of the Paybacks and Suzi Quatro, but if i can hum even four bars of the song forty-five minutes from now, it will be a breakthrough moment in the band’s history with me. This band would probably be a lot bigger if they would court the goldfish demographic, since said fish are reputed to only come equipped with about thirty minutes of memory. Alternately, perhaps i’m a goldfish myself. I do feel a bit thirsty. BEST SONG: “Basement Star” BEST SONG TITLE: What? I have forgotten. Is it feeding time yet? FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Band has been paid in vegan chocolate cake frosted to look like a leopard.

 –norb (Slow Gold Zebra)