CRIMSON SWEET: Livin’ in Strut: CD

Jul 26, 2009

Nowhere near as glammy as one would presume, this femme-fronted threesome sounds most akin to Penetration (the band, dumb-ass! Don't get any of your fresh ideas just because i said "femme-fronted threesome!") when the vocals are on (although if, during a blind taste test, someone were to tell me that it was a pre-LP Girlschool 45, i'd at least entertain the possibility of believing him or her); when the vocals go off, however, the longer they remain off, the more the band sounds like – dig this – the Wipers?!?!!! (translation: Downstroked minor chords and eighth notes on the bass w/minimal if any scales/runs/fills). Keen background vocals in "Airport Novel," neat keyboards in "No Hot on Cold," other than that, this might be the kinda thing that i listen to once more in my lifetime, tops, or it might be the kinda thing that i listen to like ten times, each time wondering "why the fuck am i listening to this again?" and on the tenth time i have some kinda wack epiphany and decide it's fucking genius. Logic suggests a result somewhere in the middle. BEST SONG TITLE: "Sad Walk at Knifepoint," which i also thought was the worst song until i looked at the title (it's an instrumental), now i kinda dig it. BEST SONG: "Airport Novel" or "No Hot on Cold" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: 1. "White Heart" starts out exactly like "I'm Not a Date (I'm an Alcoholic)" by Depo-Provera; 2. Although the band is called "Crimson Sweet," the only colors used on the CD cover are dark blue and black.

 –norb (On/On Switch;

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