Jul 07, 2006

Crimson Spectre: Reminded me a lot of the early period Corrosion Of Conformity. The weird melding of Southern rock with a twisted sense of reality added with the hardcore attack of a raging maniac. Wailing vocals over a controlled fast attack. Fitting that this band comes from North Carolina. Uwharria: Another band from NC that seems to have gotten something from COC. But this band has members that have been in other bands like the Blownapart Bastards and Face Down In Shit. I read elsewhere that someone in this band had a stint in Oi Polloi. Self-described as “Eco-Thrash,” the lyrics are centered around the environment. Musically, they sound like a mixture of Motörhead meets COC. I have a vague recollection that I might have reviewed something else by this band but I didn’t keep it. Pretty cool split.

 –don (Magic Bullet)