Jul 02, 2009

Boston’s Crimson Ghosts’ shtick is all-instrumental surf covers of Misfits songs. In less capable hands, it’d merely be amusing, yet crumble on repeated listens. But in wizened punk rockers’ hands who can play their instruments incredibly, it’s addictive and oddly soothing. I think there’s a great opportunity for subversion with the Crimson Ghosts. Say the band played a state fair or an art in the park show with kids in strollers in attendance. They could totally get away with “Skulls.” I mean, they’re not the ones screaming “Collect the heads of little girls and put ‘em on my wall!” it’d be the Misfits fans in the audience. And the suburban parents would tap along in reverb-drenched delight none the wiser. Thankfully, I recently got to see these dudes play live and it further cemented my appreciation of them. Two things: 1.) Everyone in the band was singing, loudly, along to the songs, but none of them were mic’d, so it gave everyone in attendance the opportunity to channel their own inner Danzig. And I’ll take a room of one hundred Danzig lovers over the Danzig Danzig any day. 2.) With the absence of a microphone and both the band and the audience getting their “Whoa Oh!”s on, there were several almost-full-mouth, carp-like kisses. Let’s hear it for breaking down the barriers! Highly recommended.

 –todd (Self-released, Necro-Tone,