Dec 13, 2007

I assume that most fans of this band (myself included) initially checked them out thanks to the “featuring-members-of-Tragedy” line found in most of their distro write-ups. However, there’s no trace of Scandinavian thrash or Japanese crust here. Criminal Damage chose the ‘80s U.K. No Future Records oi route (think Blitz, Attak, Red Alert, etc.) while managing to avoid the pub-centric, tough guy cliché typically associated with the genre. All the tried and true oi staples are present; group choruses, Chuck Berry leads, downstroke power chords, but the thoughtful lyrical content sets Criminal Damage far apart from their boots-and-braces brethren. Fist-pumping street punk rock for smart kids. –Dave Williams

 –guest (Feral Ward,

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