Jun 13, 2014

Taiga—Criminal Code guitarist and vocalist—refuses the post-punk and hardcore labels for the band. And I believe that’s coming from a genuine place, but to deny those subgenres’ impact on the band’s sound would be a real loss. What sets Criminal Code apart from the current wave of dark, look-at-all-my-effect-pedals punk is the sheer aggression in Taiga’s vocals. It’s the unholy marriage of post-punk’s ambience and hardcore’s hostility consummated in a Reno basement and birthed in Portland’s Buzz Or Howl Studios. The liner notes claim “attempts fail completely” and I understand what they’re alluding to, but if No Device was an attempt to create a full-length that’s damning (we’re all fucked, and we have a pretty good idea of whose fault it is) yet played with a haunting intensity (holy shit, they’re just a three-piece?!), then I think it’s no doubt a success. 

 –Daryl Gussin (Deranged)