CRIME: San Francisco’s STILL Doomed: CD

Mar 22, 2007

If you’ve never heard of Crime, let alone own anything by ‘em, then, quite frankly, you really need to reassess your involvement with this punk rock thang. Next thing you know, you’re gonna be telling all yer friends about how cool and “punk” Hatebreed’s latest snoozefest of a record is. Anyway, this is a reissue of a collection of studio recordings circa ‘76-’79 from one of SF’s greatest bands, period. All the biggie hits are here— “Frustration,” “Murder by Guitar,” “San Francisco’s Doomed,” plus alternate takes of “Hotwire My Heart” and “Baby You’re So Repulsive.” The stuff here is a little more refined sounding than some other stuff I’ve heard with their name on it, but it is still clearly Crime, which means that some choice primitive rock’n’roll can be heard here. Liner notes by the one and only Mike Lucas.

 –jimmy (Swami)