May 26, 2008

I’m hoping that the title of this album is a non-ironic reference to the timely passing of Crime In Stereo. At times, it sounds like an early ‘90s Jade Tree version of At The Drive In, only far more self-consciously earnest, with the singer doing his most heartfelt impression of the Promise Ring’s lead singer circa the time their first album came out. At others, they’re a bad DJ away from pulling off a spot-on aural replication of Incubus, which would have to stand as one of history’s greatest crimes against humanity…or, at the very least, the Razorcake readership. Is this what’s passing for hardcore these days? I thought Bridge 9 brought the fucked up, boot stompin’ brand of hardcore where mind-melting breakdowns were around every musical corner and the vocals recalled the tortured screams of suspected terrorists in the midst of a shadow government’s rendition. This sounds like a parakeet chirping in comparison. 

 –benke (Bridge 9)