CRIME IN CHOIR: Trumpery Metier: CD

Mar 13, 2007

With a stack of CDs to review, I thought to myself, “I want something heavy and fast to listen to.” Amongst my choices was something from GSL and, based on the label affiliation, I assumed it would fit the bill. Imagine my surprise when I put in the CD and heard a sound akin to Pink Floyd, Emerson Lake & Palmer, or early Genesis. “Okay, this will just last for a little bit and then they’ll rock out,” I said to myself. Yet, next thing I know it was nine songs and over forty-two minutes later and the entire album had gone by, all as instrumental prog rock. The even scarier thing is that I really liked it. With founding members of At The Drive-In and the Fucking Champs, the Crime In Choir may try and compare themselves to a more modern acts like Faust, but, for most people, when they hear the opening notes of the first track, “Women of Reduction,” all they will think is Pink Floyd. The Fucking Champs influence can be heard somewhat, as some of this can occasionally get a good groove going, but it always stays consistent with the prog rock sound. While entirely different from what I was looking for, Trumpery Metier is nonetheless a really solid album. For those of us who secretly keep some of those synth-laden albums in our collection (away from the view of our punk comrades, of course), this will be a perfect addition to that stash.

 –kurt (Gold Standard Laboratories)

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