Sep 29, 2008

Despite the cheesy lyrics—c’mon, you guys seriously have a song called “The Vampire’s Spell?” Seriously? And songs about “Satan’s bride” and “Satanic hordes against Christ?”—this CD collection of various releases actually kind of rules. At least the first half of it does. Comprised of their newest full-length, an EP, and then an LP from 2005—in reverse chronological order—the first sixteen songs vaguely smoke in the same dark, menacing way that Born Dead Icons do; heavy on the doom but still with enough melody and rocking undercurrents to keep the listener interested. It’s when you get to the last LP that things go south really quickly; the music’s much more thrash-based—which in this case translates to more boring—and the singer goes from using what sounds like some pretty unique double-tracked vocals to just straight out high-pitched screeching. Really high-pitched. The difference between the EP and the ending LP is substantial, and not in a positive way. This is a band that’s definitely gotten better with age. 

 –keith (Life’s A Rape)