CRETIN STOMPERS: Looking Forward to Being Attacked: LP

Maaaan, I just can’t get into this. I mean, I am really not into it. Musically, this band offers pretty standard psychedelic and dreamy pop tunes placed over a modern Burger Records rock’n’roll frame. Melodies intertwine and are pleasant enough as to not offend… but then the vocals kick in and it all goes down the drain. Oh, shit! I just thought of what this reminds me of! The majority of the songs come off sounding like a psyche/garage version of the Cocteau Twins with painfully high-pitched vocals often layered in tons of effects. It’s way too intentionally wacky and seemingly trite for my tastes, and that’s exactly the reason why I can see the overly “hip” crowd being really into this. It would be remiss of me not to mention that the lineage of the players involved here include members of Wavves, The Barbaras, and Jay Reatard’s band, but not even that can save this record from mediocrity. 

 –Mark Twistworthy (HoZac)