Sep 28, 2008

Man, The Creteens don’t quit. Edgy, biting, dirty punk songs with all the catch of power pop hooks inside the dirt. The water in France has been amazing the past few years with Creteens, The Fatals, Les Hulks, etc.—rough, screaming, no-frills knockout punk with real catchiness you remember from ‘60s garage. I’ve really liked all the Creteens singles equally, as their website says, “being this consistently dumb is pretty fuckin hard.” With the bar set high from side A, I was surprised to really like side B of the Straight Arrows from Australia, the first stuff I’ve heard from them. They fit the Creteens mold as well without being a retread. The first song sounds like it was recorded not just in a bedroom but with the band under the mattress, going at it like they thought no one would ever care. The second song sounds like “Louie Louie” reworked. A great split that would make The Mummies proud. 

 –mike (Resistance A Go Go,