CRETEENS, THE: K-Way Bleu: 7"

Jul 22, 2008

“I’ve got beer shits! I’ve got beer shits!” goes the chorus of the final song. Yes, but why did you feel the need to record it? Why did you feel the need to go to Benji’s Mom’s house in Paris, France, and make a permanent document of these noises? I appreciate your exuberance—which comes across loud and clear on this record—but still, why? Did somebody say your music was clever? Did someone tell you that the sloppy, drunk tunes you put together about Dungeons & Dragons were one-of-a-kind? Was it your mom? I agree that there is definitely a level of fun involved, but it’s more of the “We’re gonna play your basement and get totally waaaaaasted!” sort of fun, rather than the “Dude, we need to share this music with the world” kind of fun, you know what I mean? Did you have a lot of extra money? Why couldn’t you just spend that money on more beer? The world and, more importantly, the kids watching you in the basement, would have thanked you.

 –mp (Boom Chick)

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