Nov 02, 2010

There’s no way you can lose with this split. Two of the best present day anarcho bands on the planet on one record. The last thing I had heard from Cress was their split with Doom, and that was sometime back. This pretty much sounds like they did ten years ago—straightforward delivery, with some experimentation in the sound, such as on “Amongst the Slaughter” that has a windblown sample to underscore the cold and bleak message of the song. Burnt Cross once again tear it up with their urgent delivery. Paul Marriot sounds like he really means it in his vocal delivery. The words are spit out with venom and there’s no hiding behind opaque imagery. There’s no head scratching over the line, “Right wing’s on the rise, put a boot in its fucking face” from the song “Paths to Persecution.” Burnt Cross are one band that I’m stoked every time I see they have a new record out. Looking forward to the next.

 –M.Avrg (Loud Punk,