CREEPS, THE: Lakeside Cabin: CD

May 26, 2008

There’s something somewhat bittersweet about stumbling upon a long-running local band and immediately falling in love. Sure, it’s terrific that now there’s this killer band from your hometown that you’ll probably get to see all the time and you can hang out with at your dingy local bar and talk to about all the nerdy records that you both like. On the other hand, what have I been doing for the last eight years that hasn’t involved a steady diet of The Creeps? Lakeside Cabin, these boys’ third full-length record, is an insanely catchy combination of mid-period Alkaline Trio and Backchannel Broadcast-era Lillingtons with fittingly dark, creepy lyrics that (luckily) avoid any hint of horror punk cheesiness. With any luck, this band will be right at the top of the Insubordination Fest heap of pop punk bands that both the kids and the grown ups can dig. Seriously, track this shit down. –Dave Williams 

 –guest (Black Pint)