CREEPS, THE: Follow You Home: 7”

Nov 02, 2010

Really solid power pop with an overall nostalgic feel—the sort of music that sounds best when you’re staring at your ceiling in the middle of the night. The Creeps are a pretty good band, but they make an even better case study for the last eight years of pop punk. (As a point of reference, eight pop punk years is roughly equivalent to 2.5 Dischord years) In 2003, the Creeps were channeling sci-fi-era Lillingtons channeling the Ramones. Note, that’s a lot of channeling. Songs included, “I Broke Your Hymen (You Broke My Heart)” and “My Girlfriend Hates the Ramones.” I’m pretty sure that none of the songs on this latest record are a reference to anything related to the Queers, Ramones, or Screeching Weasel. I’m curious to hear more from this band’s current incarnation. If this were a cereal, it’d be Golden Grahams, one of the key cereals of my youth, which was refurbished and repackaged in various incarnations (For further reference, see, “Contested Territory: The Curious Relationship between Golden Grahams and French Toast Crunch.”)

 –maddy (It’s Alive)