CREEPS, THE: Eulogies: CD/LP

How many bands is Skottie Lobotomy in? The Visitors, Crusades, and The Creeps? I’m sure I’m missing some. The point is that the dude is prolific. And while I didn’t care for The Visitors, I love Crusades. Of the three vocalists for Crusades, Skottie’s definitely my favorite, so I was curious to see what The Creeps would sound like. It’s more like The Visitors, reminding me of a lot of 1990s pop punk, although I can’t quite put my finger on who exactly they sound like, which in my book is a good thing. Skottie utilizes the “woah-oh” to a fair degree, but it’s not overdone. Lyrically, it’s certainly more serious than The Visitors. While the lyrics are abstract, they’re a little darker. I can still dig ‘em, though. The biggest thing that struck me about Eulogies is how catchy it is. Within five listens I had a number of the songs stuck in my head. By ten listens I was singing them in the shower. Ten songs in twenty-seven minutes is the perfect length— just enough to make me want more. Ottawa does it again! 

 –kurt (It’s Alive)