CREEPING PINK: The Creeping Pink Sound: Cassette

Jul 24, 2013

Well I guess Indianapolis is a fucking cool place to live right now. This tape opens with a monotonous psych tune that is so subdued and buried under the fuzz that it sounds downright deadly. Even with all the fuzz and noise, the recording is even and everything is audible. It’s clear that the intent here is focused and they are well aware of exactly what they’re doing and how to do it rather than just, “Well, just, like, make it all distorted, man.” The second song maintains the same pace but has a Cramps vibe going with the Link Wray-style guitar in the foreground. Everything about this tape builds on an uncomfortable feeling of trying to decide whether these guys are whack jobs or just too smart for their own good. A fucking weird/completely necessary recording that smart people should own.

 –Ian Wise (Glory Hole,