CREEM: Self-titled: 12” EP

Sep 05, 2012

Heard a lot about this band. All of it good. It’s warranted. The lyric sheet says in large letters “NYHC,” but I also hear a lot of Boston influence in there (as well as some Blitz). In particular, Negative FX. Maybe if you took Neg FX and mixed them up with some SFA and Sheer Terror, you would get Creem. The sound is tough without resorting to any metal breakdowns or the usual tricks that lesser bands utilize. I like how the guitar sounds—sharp and tinny—yet there’s the gritty distortion that gets in your ears and holds your attention while the drums punch holes in the walls. The vocals are somewhat drill sergeant, but not delivered in the usual rapid fire way. More of a spoken way. This is pure hardcore, not thrash. Songs are more on the mid tempo side, with some speedy parts, but it never becomes a dull blur. Doing so allows them to hit harder and leave a lasting impact. “Dweller” is a nice cooker, with the bass up front, rumbling and building, while everything else crashes behind it. My favorite on here is “The Bricks” which starts off with a heavy oi influence, then picks up the pace and puts a little extra fire in the sound. The whole second side is awesome (the whole record is pretty good, but it’s the second side that really stopped me dead for the duration). The cover of Black Easter’s “What the Fuck” is pretty damn good. I’m going to see these guys in a few days and I anticipate it to be one of the highlights of this summer.

 –M.Avrg (Katorga Works, / Deranged,

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