Nov 15, 2011

Credentials: Todd said, “They’re pretty poppy” when I picked this out of the pile and now that I’m listening to it, I can see why he issued that caveat. See, much as I like pop, and I like punk, and I love the earliest strains of pop punk’s antecedents (think Undertones, Buzzcocks, and Descendents), most pop punk has given me a bad rash from the moment every suburban shit band on the planet decided that aping NOFX and the Queers was a rock-solid retirement plan. That said, yeah, these guys definitely fall under the pop punk banner, but the blessing here is they apparently could give a fuck about being on Ben Weasel’s turntable darlings and opt for a more “indie” route, if you will. Yeah, I ain’t all that jazzed about the tune, but I respect ‘em, which’ll likely mean fuck all to them, but is meant as a compliment nonetheless. Dead Uncles: Can totally see ‘em in a New Red Archives catalog circa 1989, right between Samiam and Jawbreaker.

 –jimmy (86’d)

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