Jul 23, 2012

Louder than hell metal from this outfit. They sound influenced more by bands like Converge, Integrity, and Sepultura than Maiden or Priest. The songs are relatively quick, rife with breakdowns, pummeling percussion, a few tech guitar bits here and there, and the vocals sound like they were recorded incredibly loud. The music is a dense wall of sound that is near impenetrable. My one real complaint with this record is the vocals tend to override everything and also cover a lot of the really powerful parts of the songs, instead of standing back for a moment and letting the music do its thing. I can imagine their live sets are pretty powerful. These guys definitely have the chops and they show it well. I must commend them for not getting all noodley or overly tech in their playing. The power is in the straight-forward delivery, and they know it and show it. Yup...

 –M.Avrg (Twelve Gauge,

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