Mar 29, 2016

When you’re really hooked on music and it’s something you spend more time thinking about than just about anything else, you are going to start to branch out from whatever genre you may have focused on for years and years, start exploring and hearing what’s out there, and broadening your mind and auditory horizons. Punk rock is great, but have you ever wondered what else is out there? Think of it like this: the music you listen to is a tiny blip in the cosmos of sound. All around you is this vast universe and each genre is another galaxy, and some of the heavy hitters are planets within that galaxy. Creatures Of Space fill that search in spades. Their music is way out there, somewhere in the universe of psych, Hendrix-style blues, German prog, and far left of left field. The opener “Way up There” sounds like some obscure track that could fit on the Bonehead Crunchersseries, and doesn’t really set up what lays in store. “Incoming” is like a tear in the fabric of reality, with its blast of distortion and guitar mangling. From there things really begin to happen. The inner space of “In the Woods” gives way to spaced out “Hard Road” and “New Rays,” which reminds me of Funkadelic’s XXXX. “Lizard Box” takes them a little further out, and then they start come back to earth at the end of the record. 

 –M.Avrg (Luminal)

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