May 08, 2013

It’s as though Joy Division mated with The Gun Club, and then their offspring had an affair with Mission Of Burma. Creationists are the result of all that. Post-punk, but not the dour kind—more into getting in your face than sulking in the dark. They do have the prerequisite dark side, but there’s also a good bit of rock and roll (“Tunnel Rat” for example) and the windswept, lonely sound from the driving and jangling guitar (this is where The Gun Club comparison comes in). For the most part, the songs move at a fast pace, with a ton of urgency. Even when they slow down a smidge, the urgency is still at a boil (“The Enlightenment”). The whole record is solid, but what really knocks me on my ass is their song “Saint Stephen.” This song is so damn good, especially how it follows three loud and in-your-face type songs. Nice switch of pace. You can hear the Joy Division influence loud and clear (the main riff reminds me of “Shadowplay”), and yet they throw in other influences to where it blends seamlessly in. The way the song changes towards the end is great. It goes from something slightly clangy to something more melodic and even more tuneful and introspective.

 –M.Avrg (Super Secret,