CREAMERS: Modern Day: 7” EP

Sep 23, 2011

Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s there existed an L.A. band called the Creamers who, along with the Lazy Cowgirls, were one of the two bands in town adhering to a more “traditional” punk sound. Over a ten-year period they put out a slew of albums and singles sick with Ramones/Dead Boys-styled ragers and buzzsaw-pop stompers that predated the wild popularity of both the Queers and Green Day. Their male/female band member ratio skewed toward the latter, which was quite uncommon at the time, and their shows were raucous, memorable affairs with bassist Lenny just bouncing off the walls and into the crowds. While they never achieved the level of fame as, well, the Queers and Green Day, they definitely made their mark, and word is they’ve actually come out of hibernation and are playing around town again. This release, however, is not a new release from the L.A. punk band, but rather a band from Texas that has appropriated the name to mete out sloppy, primitive punk that, while not bad, ain’t especially memorable either.

 –jimmy (Jolly Dream, [email protected])