CRAYON: Brick Factory: LP

Back in 1993 I stumbled upon the indie pop scene via a late listening of the classic Unrest LP Imperial F.F.R.R. at Blacklist Mailorder. I was listening to Velocity Girl already, but something about that Unrest LP really affected me, and put me on the path to wanting to hear more bands that were in the genre. About a month or two later, I picked up the One Last Kiss compilation and was floored by the lineup. Crayon is on that comp, sandwiched between Tree Fort Angst and Jane Pow. I listened to that comp on a daily basis for most of the year, playing it for anyone who happened to visit me. I looked for material from all the bands on there that I liked. Crayon was definitely one of those bands. 

 –M.Avrg (HHBTM)