CRAWLERS, THE: Self-titled: 12” EP

Jan 07, 2008

Straight-forward, amped-up hardcore punk—in the vein of Bad Reaction or Hollywood Hate—that comes across as earnest, yet is mostly predictable in sound, tempo, and how they approach topics (religion bad, scene has problems, politics are fucked). Check, check, and check. The two brightest spots are the last songs on each side. It’s always a little problematic that my favorite song on a new record is a cover (The Cure’s “Fire in Cairo”). Yet, “Village of the Damned” dilates the band’s scope up a little bit, gives the song varied tempo, some time to breathe, and develop its own voice. And that gives me hope that The Crawlers will expand a bit in the future because they feel like a tight dot right now; easy to overlook.

 –todd (Blind Spot)