May 21, 2010

This band has been, to me at least, the band with the funny ad in Razorcake. Dave Disorder wrote a less than flattering review of one of their 7”s, and the band blacked out a lot of it to make it look like Mr. Disorder was praising them in a very odd way (see p.85 of #48). So I knew that this band didn’t take itself too seriously, but I didn’t really know what to expect—especially with the coked-out art school dropout cover art. What you should expect, if you get this, is noisy and ever-so-slightly abrasive post punk that seems to have a healthy admiration for Mission Of Burma, and a seeming nod to Dead Kennedys (or at least Jello) here and there. The lyrics range from things like hating architects to feeling like a pubescent again. Pretty okay stuff. Things to note: 1) The people on the cover aren’t in the band; 2) it took ten goddamn labels to put this thing out, but not one of them put any sort of contact info on this.

 –Vincent (Stunt Academy, Eeefin, Activities, Art Of The Underground, New Departure, Dennison, Feral Kid, Wrong Foot, Waffle Haus, K-Tell)