CRAMHOLE #4: $?, 7” x 8½”, copied, 36 pgs.

Apr 19, 2016

The fourth issue of this comic zine has been a long time coming. This is likely because the author, Billups Allen, moved. He also had cancer. Twice. He said he didn’t want to make this issue of Cramhole about cancer, but I would’ve loved to have heared about that. Not to say I’m glad he went through it, but we know about what it’s like when Grandma or our co-worker gets cancer, but what’s it like when someone who writes a zine gets cancer? When someone who draws comics or works at a record store gets cancer? I haven’t heard that story before. It would’ve been really engaging and interesting, I bet. Instead, there are a bunch of random comics about working at a record store, curiosity about what if Cliff Burton (Metallica’s original bassist) had lived, and John Judge meeting people. Additionally, there are pieces on actor Adrienne Shelly and saxophonist Aubrey Moore. This issue is a quick read and perfectly fine for what it is, but certainly nothing spectacular. -Kurt Morris ([email protected])