CRACKS: Sandpaper: CD-R

Hey, hey, hey! This is pretty hardcore out of the Midwest that sounds influenced by early ‘80s Boston hardcore like Negative FX: mid-tempo stuff with a churning feel in the guitars and gritty, strangled vocals. There’s a looseness in the music that keeps it from being po’ faced or overbearing. “Live the Lie” is a damning indictment of the mainstream way of life—wife, career, family, and losing oneself in the process. It’s a little humorous (maybe unintended?), but the point is clear. There’s some pretty good stuff on here, like “Negation,” “Hungover,” the title track, and “Bearer of Bad Nudes.” But then there’s a clunker like “Someone Else to Screw,” that should have died in the practice room. Other than that, Cracks is pretty damn good.

 –M.Avrg (Slipping Grip Productions, [email protected])