COZY: Button by Button: LP

Hoarders of vinyl and purveyors of tropes and idioms, Cozy deliver dork anthems of shoulder-shaking insouciance patterned after early ‘70s glam rock ((band members are named “Bonkers Waddington,” “Baz Bosworthy,” “Gordie Leatherby” and “Fabian Blockbuster,” if that tells you anything)) but coming across as more of a mash-up between AC/DC and the Rubinoos than anything else. When these clever lads have it all clickin’, they’re pretty formidable, but I don’t think the Charlie-Watts-style behind-the-beat drumming always works in their favor. Wrong trope, Fabian! Surely singing the falsetto part to “Pure Lady” must have been a special time in that young man’s life. Carry on. BEST SONG: “Button by Button.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Denim Dream.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The only other album cover I can remember that has the band photos printed in brown was Vern Nussbaum’s immortal The Boogie Man LP circa 1975, so buy with confidence. 

 –norb (Hozac)