COYOTE SLINGSHOT/ CAUTION (COMMA) LEMMY: Jumping Fences with the Roadkill: Cassette

Jul 14, 2011

This is a split tape by two bands that are well suited to the lo-fi format. Coyote Slingshot sounds like the Misfits crossed with cheesy Halloween music (think “Monster Mash”). Their songs are synth-y and fun, but they also have an ominous snare drum beat that echoes that hollow-y Misfits sounds. Caution (Comma) Lemmy dishes out some equally creepy noise on their side of the tape. Their instruments are distorted beyond recognition, sounding something like helicopters and sirens. Amidst all the chaos, this could be a post- apocalyptic radio broadcast.

 –Lauren Trout (Sweat Power,