COUNTY LINE RD.: The Birth of Hank Malloy: 7”EP

Mar 17, 2008

Years ago, Davey Quinn and I were driving around, and the topic came up that he wanted to write songs that could transcend genre: pop, punk, country, soul, and folk. Write, essentially the same song, but approach it from all different angles. If done correctly, the songwriting would survive the slightly different expectations of the genres. His thrust was going for something honest and purely distilled. Fast forward five or seven years, and Davey and J. Wang (both of Dan Padilla and Tiltwheel) pair up with Mario (Madison Bloodbath), and they chop out and spit polish four straight-up country songs about atheism, bad weather, and the American Dream crumbling at its foundation. There’s nothing slapdash, cheeky, or ironic about the songs. They’re all direct shots, the record’s dedicated to the birth of a good friend’s son, and it’s well worth picking up.

 –todd (Fast Crowd)