Sep 18, 2001

DC skinhead music that’s not bad musically. The lyrics are relatively well written, even if it is more of the same old flag-waving, right-wing bullshit that goes in hand with the style. They talk about giving respect to the soldiers who died in combat because they didn’t know they were going to fight a rich man’s war and then slag draft dodgers. Huh? Had those who died known they were fighting for the benefit of the rich and decided not to go, they’d have been draft dodgers, and hence asshole cowards, right? So, with that line of thinking, the only way they could possibly earn any honor is by dying in complete ignorance for the sole benefit of the wealthy. Taking a look at the pictures of the band, they look no older than 14. Just think, in four years you’ll be old enough to join the Marines and become cannon fodder for the next war, waving that flag and taking them bullets, completely oblivious to the fact that, no matter what the “cause,” no matter who the enemy is, the rich are the only ones who will ever gain anything from your “sacrifice.” Jesus, your fathers must be proud.

 –jimmy (Reality Clash)