Step back a little over ten years ago and marvel at how fast time moves and consider all the changes. Formed in 1998, this Canadian gang of thrashers (members of the Swarm One Blood, etc.) put out a demo, and two EPs (one a split with They Live) in the early part of this century. Their style was a mix of hardcore punk with some metallic elements (especially in the guitar riffs and some solos). A mix of Born Against, powerviolence and Y2K thrash, which was when these guys formed. The songs are fast, well executed, and the lyrics are sarcastic, but with a point, often critiquing the punk scene, as well as the insecurities and absurdity of society at large. The structure and riffs in “4 Alarm Fire…” is insane; a lot of near tech metal riffs, and there’s a crunching main riff that makes the song awesome. Comes on red vinyl and packaged in a gatefold cover with liner notes, as well as a separate lyric sheet.

 –M.Avrg (A389,