COUGARS: Manhandler: CDEP

Jan 31, 2008

I happened to see the Cougars by sheer coincidence about two days before this CD came in the mail. I didn’t know anything about them, and I was standing there moving my head up and down in that way some folks do when enjoying music, and thinking (aside from, “man, that singer is quite a showman, grinning and leering and bobbing like that”) that it COULDN’T be an accident that they sounded THAT MUCH like Rocket from the Crypt (Horns and tempo. Mostly horns.), and here they were playing in Rocket’s home town with about nineteen people watching, and nobody from Rocket there to approve or disapprove. Then someone from Rocket did show up, but he was just there to drop off his girlfriend who was in one of the other bands, and I think he watched the Cougars for around one minute. Having now heard the CD, I can state that they sound more like Nazareth than I noticed at the show. They’re from Chicago and have some of that Midwest (Jesus Lizard) goofiness, and the man says, “Good luck with your big pants” in the song “Cookietown.” Good enough for me.

 –doug (Thick)

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