COSMIC PSYCHOS: Cum the Raw Prawn: LP

Jan 19, 2016

Could this be The Cosmic Psychos’ most emotionally revelatory album? There’s a swear word tab sticker on the sleeve, and singer Ross Knight tells us that despite all the bad names he’s called people over the years, he really loves all of humanity. In the song “Bum for Grubs,” Knight sings, “There’s more to me than beer and pubs....” But the Psychos, known for their unique and scatological view of the world, follow up that sentiment with, “take me home, I’ll take your bum for grubs.” So, does this mean that Knight is a classy guy and will take you out to eat after a night of sheet sports? Or perhaps does it mean he’s into analingus? The world wants to know! Or maybe just me. I’m betting on the latter, as there is a song on side two detailing what Knight may have done to a spurned lover’s toothbrush. Yes, that. I really like this album, but it’s not as steamrolling as their last (Glorius Barsteds, which I think I like more than Go the Hack. Yeah, I said it). I would have sequenced the songs differently, and there are gaps between some of the songs that are too long, slowing the momentum. Album ender “Didn’t Wanna Love Me” might be the catchiest tune on the record, but there is an extended solo warbly vocal after the instruments drop out which takes the joke a little too far. Still, the Psychos deliver. 

 –Sal Lucci (Desperate)