CORPSE, THE: Fight against Rules: 12” LP

Nov 13, 2013

This rules. Hands down. Fight Against Rules is a collection of eleven songs of The Corpse’s work from ‘88-’89, remastered and re-released as a CD in 2010, and now in the form of an LP. Originally formed in 1985 in communist-ruled Poland, The Corpse has been described as “hard core/trash/ crossover,” listing Suicidal Tendencies, Napalm Death, Septic Death, Accused, and Lärm—among others—as influences. It’s really the best of both worlds between metal, thrash, and hardcore punk, relentlessly propelling, shredding, pounding the shit out of your eardrums. It just doesn’t let up! A bonus is a sixteen page booklet with a band bio, past reviews, an interview in English and Polish, and rad pictures of the crew to flip through, plus a print out of miscellaneous flyers from 1988-1994. Get it!

 –Camylle Reynolds (Refuse,