CORPORATE ROCK KNOCKOUT #0: 8½” x 11”, printed, no price listed, 72 pgs.

Nov 30, 2010

This is the first issue of this German fanzine. Some of the articles and reviews are in German; some are in English. Interviews with the New Bomb Turks, No Bunny, Ghetto Ways, Tina Luchessi, and the Sedatives (plus a lot more), along with some record reviews. The focus of the zine is on high energy garage rock bands—a genre that I’m not entirely familiar with—so I found a few new bands to look for in my never-ending quest for good music. The article on New Orleans and the European tour food guide were well done. I found myself referring to the food guide once or twice before visiting a German restaurant here on Maui. (CRKO Fanzine, c/o Bernd Fisher, Am Hamburg 40, 49716, Meppen, Germany)


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